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The Company


Fadi J. Khoury Dance

FJK Dance is a contemporary dance company founded in 2014 by Fadi J. Khoury and Sevin Ceviker. Dedicated to presenting a unique fusion of dance genres, it fills a void in the current dance scene, fusing the vocabularies of various genres – modern, jazz, classical ballet and traditional folkloric – into a language that expresses our fundamental, shared capacity to create.  Through its performances, FJK supports cross-cultural dialogue, infusing its works with positive images from many dance traditions.

Short movie about the company.

We are a dance company that aims to demonstrate that choreography need not - should not - be confined by stylistic limits.  The company is an educational as well as a performing entity.  It addresses various cultural groups in the hope of achieving rapprochement through art.  It also addresses creators and consumers of dance, who are encouraged to re-imagine the capacity of dance to assimilate multiple styles.

At FJK Dance, we believe in the unique fusion of culture and dance. The endless possibilities of experimenting with the fundamentals of various forms of dance, from classical ballet to ballroom, from Middle Eastern to jazz––we combine the essentials of each to create our own language. One that uses abstract body lines, forms and energy to communicate with our audience.

Throughout the season insights are offered into the creative process by ‘works in progress' programs at various sites. The season culminates in a series of gala performances at New York Live Arts. FJK Dance has performed in venues such as Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, the 92nd Street Y, and the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College.  The company also perform at festivals such as Jacob’s Pillow, Battery Dance Fstival, and the Fusion Arts Festival at Southhampton’s Cultural Center, Elebash Hall at the CUNY graduate center.


Board Of Directors

Amy R. Cousins
Kiendl Gordon
Fadi J. Khoury
Ann Rakoff
Robert Sutter Maura Sordo Genevieve Young Diane Kaldany Antoine Delaitre


The Team

Artistic Director
Fadi J. Khoury

Associate Artist
Sevin Ceviker

Resident Composer
Peter Michael Von Der Nahmer

Gary Pierce

Projection & Lighting Designer
Calvin Anderson

Production Supervisor & Lighting Designer
Judith M. Daitsman

Jaqlin Medlock - 2015-2016
Luc Kordas (backstage 2015)
Nir Arieli - 2014
Paul B Goode - 2014

Angelo Silvio Vasta