Fadi J Khoury Dance
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Fadi J Khoury Dance

A contemporary dance company, based in New York City. Founded in 2014 by Fadi J. Khoury and Sevin Ceviker. Through its performances FJK Dance supports cross-cultural dialogue, presenting a unique fusion of dance genres from classical ballet to ballroom and Middle Eastern to jazz.

At FJK Dance, we believe in the power that dance has in bringing people together. Our goal is to spread that contagious positive energy back into communities.

In July 2018 FJK Dance was awarded the Artist in Residence at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, by the Behavioral Health Services Division. The goal of the Program is to use dance to remove the stigma of, and to enable the public to better understand, psychiatric illness. Site specific performances, workshops and performances will seek to emphasize the role of behavioral health settings in the provision of mental health services.