Fadi J Khoury Dance
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The Company

FJK Dance is a contemporary dance company founded in 2014 by Fadi J. Khoury and Sevin Ceviker. Dedicated to presenting a unique fusion of dance genres, it fills a void in the current dance scene, fusing the vocabularies of various genres – modern, jazz, classical ballet and traditional folkloric – into a language that expresses our fundamental, shared capacity to create.  Through its performances, FJK supports cross-cultural dialogue, infusing its works with positive images from many dance traditions.

Short movie about the company.

We are a dance company that aims to demonstrate that choreography need not - should not - be confined by stylistic limits.  The company is an educational as well as a performing entity.  It addresses various cultural groups in the hope of achieving rapprochement through art.  It also addresses creators and consumers of dance, who are encouraged to re-imagine the capacity of dance to assimilate multiple styles.

Board of Directors

Kiendl Gordon, Genevieve young, ann rakoff, maura sordo, dr. amy r. cousins, robert sutter, diane kaldany, and fadi j khoury



Kiendl Gordon
Monica & Frank Abenante
Nancy Boszhardt
Marian & David Park
Gene Young
Herald Ritch
Barbara Denihan
Kevin C. Tang
Amy R. Cousins



Robert Sutter
Gail Garlick
The Tang Fund
Suhwei Lin
Ann Rakoff
Geoffrey F. & Virginia Hill Worden Fund
Elizabeth Sechrest
Tori Dauphinot
Camille Douglas
Jequett Heck
Amabel James
Lawrence Lavine
Mary Ostrander
Barbara Tober



Jennifer Park
Jonathan Greenman
Alegandro Bernstein
M.D and Marie Jose Bernstein
Sally Ling
Caroline Hyman
Allen, Sperry
Elliot Conway
PJ Michaelcheck
Eva Byrnes
Scott A Levine
Robert Lieber




Jennefer and Victor Park, Jill & Hank Heck, Doris Liebman, Milbrey Rennie, Shirley Young, Ameeta Sachdeva, Angela King, Mildred Chan, Caron & Geoffrey Johnson, Marjorie  Reed Gordon, PeiYuan Chai, Dana Tang, Emily Limpe, Helen Little, Robert Hoerle, Mabel Chang, Kim Kelly, Tia Landau, Gillian Mestre, Anne Goodwin, Laurence Kossbach, Judith Donahue, Heejung Moon, Amanda Rubin, James Fox/Martin Rapp, Joan Lamb, Charles & Diana Revson, Thomas Shiah, Martha Liao, Jonathan Ginat, Peter Kundhardt, Ansso Wang, Miranda Wong Tang


FJK Dance is made possible by the outstanding support of its founding members


Kiendl & John Gordon, Dr. Amy R. Cousins, Omar Fattal, Deanna Drobner, Genevieve Young, Ann Rakoff, Fadi J. Khoury & Sevin Ceviker.



Corporate Sponsor

Manhattan Portage


SEASON 2019 Fundraiser

FJK Dance season performances are made possible by the help and support of our Angels, Benefactors, Sponsors, and supporters. We couldn't have done it without your love, and we can't thank you enough for believing in our art. Our 2019 Season performances will be in September. Your help will directly manifest the Art. Our goal is to cover the production expenses and the theater rental!