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Fadi J. Khoury Dance on Tour

Introducing FJK’s unique blend of ballroom, ballet, jazz and Middle Eastern dance to new national and international audiences. The company’s multicultural approach to the medium was presented in 31 cities in China at the grand Poly Theaters, booked by Jodi Kaplan and Associates/Booking Dance. The program included Echoes, Dum Tak and Take Two.

The Company is available for international and national touring.  Our programs include ten classically trained professional dancers, representing an international perspective from the Middle East, South America, Latin America, Asia and the United States.  Experimenting with the endless possibilities of combining the essentials of various dance genres, FJK Dance creates a unique language of dance that connects with its audience. 

The Company recently completed a nine-week, 31-city tour in China where we introduced our unique blend of ballroom, Argentinian tango and Middle Eastern dances to new international audiences.  Following performances to packed theaters, the Company had the opportunity to talk with journalists, critics, and many dancers who expressed gratitude for bringing diversity and the fusion of culture and dance to China.  It is the mission of FJK Dance to inspire and celebrate the beauty and positive artistic influence of Middle Eastern artistry in contrast to the all too prevalent current reports of hatred and violence.

Our performance topically includes a full evening program with a selection of /up to 3 pieces from our repertoire

Some Photos of the company's last tour in china:

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At FJK Dance, we believe in the unique fusion of culture and dance. The endless possibilities of experimenting with the fundamentals of various forms of dance, from classical ballet to ballroom, from Middle Eastern to jazz––we combine the essentials of each to create our own language. One that uses abstract body lines, forms and energy to communicate with our audience.  Read More →

FJK Dance “strips away unnecessary glitter from these forms to emphasize the beauty of movement itself
— New York Times

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